New year resolution and my toenails

My friend rattled a long list of new year resolutions and in the flow of conversation I was dumbfounded about the only resolution which came to my mind.

Not mutilating my toenails.

I have picked up this really bad and occasionally painful habit couple years ago.

When I am reading or watching something, always lying down with a bolster, I put one leg on my knee, and systematically pick at cuticle, dead skin, not-so- dead skin, and nails themselves on my toes. My nails look like they are part of the skin now. Even a nano-milli-meter of growth doesn’t escape my obsessive attention. The skin around looks raw and as if some tiny creature with not so sharp teeth has bitten the toes.

Few months ago, I got myself a five-star pedicure- hoping that at least the fact that I have spent so much money on what I always thought as a useless and ultimately fruitless ( because feet get dirty and polish chips no matter what!!) expenditure will deter me.

After a week I was back to my mutilating activity. This time added advantage of slowly chipping at the polish like Michelangelo sculpting his masterpieces with precision.

My feet are quite cute. Husband, while not exactly a foot fetishist, hates this obsessive activity and my now tortured looking toes. My mother literally slapped my hand off my feet when I was doing this compulsively for 2 hours of movie. Once a corner of the nail started bleeding when I couldn’t get a stray particle of cuticle out for hours and husband held my hands while we watched the movie.

So much for a world-class problem like toe nails mutilation of mine. Somewhere in the world, millions of people are forced to leave their country. And here I am going on and on about my toenails.

But I am embarrassed to admit that this is the only improvement I can think of in 2016. It says more about my brain than the toes themselves, I am aware. But I will be mighty proud of myself if I achieve this in 2016!


3 thoughts on “New year resolution and my toenails

  1. DON’T do that. You have such pretty feet.

    I think it’s a worthwhile resolution to have though. I do this to my hands. I have to obsessively cut around the edges, remove even a micrometer of a cuticle. I sit with my manicure tools almost everyday, and because I trim my cuticles so often, they grow back faster and uglier. I have observed that people who just let their hands and feet be don’t seem to have this problem. I got this super effective cuticle cutter. It’s so sharp and smooth that I over zealously cut into my skin and didn’t realize until it started bleeding and left a nasty mark. 😦 Even single finger on my hand has tiny wounds in various stages for healing, but I can’t wait to pick at the scab and then the cycle starts again. Now that I am writing it, it sounds gross.

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