Weeks gone by..

Last few weeks have been a new high of national stupidity in the name of nationalism. The anger it generated in me is that typical brand of futile rage that consumes me and then leaves an empty feeling in its wake along with added cynicism. All it did was leading to a lot of angry debates with friends and as usual a realisation that a person is actually quite lonely when some beliefs are at stake. Husband and I agreed not to engage in these discussions with certain people- but always lost out to temptation when utterly stupid statements were made with perfect arrogance and ignorance. Anyway. Since my anger or my beliefs are wishy washy to begin with, there is no real reason for complaint as such. My university JNU thankfully has more committed and strong people who keep on fighting without any of this self-cynical-pity that I have. And I am sure it will come out flying high in the face of these dumbfucks.

I spent a week in London. It was cold, miserable. It is a testament of how much like dog I have become – happy in my territory – that I didn’t stay for a single additional evening than my official itinerary there. I like my colleagues and I like English beer! However, must say that my favourite time in the great metropolis was the one evening I had free- spent in hotel room, blissfully eating take-away, sipping Guinness and reading Harry Potter. And wishing all the evenings were like that! Add boring to anti-social. That is me now. A dear friend had this quote framed on her work-table ‘ World Is like a Book and if you haven’t travelled- you have read only one page’. I am content to have read only one word in that case. I am so over travel and new experiences- that very soon I am going to turn into a German Shepherd. Except the physical beauty and strength.


5 thoughts on “Weeks gone by..

  1. hahaha! “I am so over travel and new experiences- that very soon I am going to turn into a German Shepherd. Except the physical beauty and strength.” You’re hilarious.

    The JNU stupidity pissed me off beyond measure and led me to hide my updates from a couple of people. The main mistake I committed was responding to their comments on my wall. I should’ve known that the person I was trying to explain anything to was an utter asshole happy in his brand of patriotism so that he could go back to his life and exploit workers in his factory!

    After that, I also decided not to engage in any discussions with people I already know are not open to any other POV. Husband was a step further. He anticipated all of this, and chose not to engage right from the beginning. He did make a quote which made me look at him awestruck. He said, “If you side with ideologies, you compromise on ideals.” Brilliant, I thought. 🙂

    • He is as usual right. It is wiser not to engage in today’s age of hyper social media- where each post and comment is so easy- that it makes it difficult to engage in any rational manner without spending inordinate time on it.

      I also behave in a non-participatory manner with the usual suspects. But sometimes one slips. And that creates a vicious cycle. And it is fruitless ultimately because both the sides are not going to be much affected by it in real life.

      But then I think the least one could do is engage in discussions- after all we are not doing much else about it. Maybe it is a feel-good social media activism, I don’t know. I did somehow engage this time, maybe because it was JNU.

      • true that! Social media provides a platform for everyone without having to confirm and analyze what we are saying. I agree with what a friend said, “I have stopped being on FB because I don’t need to know what every average Indian thinks.” This was btw out of the JNU frustration. She is also from JNU.

        • Yes. I used to use FB exclusively to stalk and laugh at people. Which is terrible as a human being, but harmless in reality, because social media has given this opportunity to harmless anti-social people like me who would meekly nod their heads in most social situations since the dominant thought in mind is ‘when can I escape this’. But increasingly I find myself unable to laugh. And it is not just the recent events and what looks like sharp polarisation expressed through aggression. But overall.

          • I agree. I have moved into a new role in my company. This is my 3rd week and it’s been so hectic here that I dont get any time to even check FB. And the best part is, it made me realize that I don’t miss it at all. It’s probably also safe to say that I dont need it at all.

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