No need to abort female foetuses or drown baby girls: A practical solution from Baba Ramdev and company

Want to be ASHTA PUTRA SAUBHAGYAVATI ? Without aborting the female foetus. Or drowning the newborn baby girls. Or raising them teaching how to be perfect Sati-Savitris?

An army of Hindu fertility experts are coming to rescue you from the misfortune of being mother to a girl.. or gasp… many girls… or gasp gasp… no kids!! Baanz… apshakuni women of holy India- rejoice!!

You can buy a boon, a medicine, a male heir from none other than Baba Ramdev ( Jai ho) that will instantly make you pregnant with a KULDEEPAK.

First they said that every Hindu woman should produce at least 4 kids. Because otherwise Hindus will be a minority in Hindustan. Then they thought 4 is too low. So they made it 10. A nice round figure you know. Dashputra Saubhagyavati Bhav!!

Now you have a 100% guarantee that majority of these ten offsprings to be sons.

All you have to do is pay a few hundred rupees and bear a glorious male child. Or ten of them. Baba Ramdev’s pharmacies bring you the golden elixir that is guaranteed to produce a glorious Hindu army of 56 inch chaati males in our Bharatvarsha.

I have a male dog. So maybe I should call myself ‘EkKutra Saubhagyavati?’


Women, you don’t have to die just because you live in Ireland anymore…

After the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar who was denied abortion in Ireland and consequently died of medical complications, Ireland’s stone age anti-abortion laws were in the international limelight.

Now Irish Govt. has generously passed a bill that allows abortion if the mother’s life is in danger or if she is suicidal.

Pro-lifers are already moaning the ‘killing the unborn’ sin this law will perpetuate. I think it shows very clearly how utterly unconcerned they are when it comes to women’s health. Come on guys, if the same unborn you are protecting gets pregnant in future and her life is danger, you are content to see her die?? Wah!!

In your warped logic, even if a woman’s life is in danger, she has to carry the holy life to term? If she dies or gets harmed, well, I know you will say, ” God giveth and taketh life, abortion is killing human beings, abortion is murder…bluhhhudy bluhhudy blah.”

Unbelievably, even after this bill, an adult woman who is healthy and not suicidal wants to get abortion for any other reasons can be jailed up to 12 years in the holier-than-pope-Ireland.

Till the time a woman’s body is used to carry the foetus in her, ‘she’ should have the legal autonomy to make decisions about her own body. Unless Catholic Church and all those who shame women for having abortions are ready to transport the foetus somewhere else and nourish it. Till the time it is not possible, all women, suicidal or not, along with their doctors ( who believe in saving lives and not passing moral judgements) have to have the ‘legal’ right to make that decision.

Now let me go back to my non-procreational contraceptional sexual activities and defy god’s plans for my uterus once more.

A woman’s right to choose/ refuse pregnancy is a human right

I am absolutely fascinated by the Pro-life ( Ban the Abortion) vs. Pro-Choice ( Keep Abortion Legal and Safe) issue in the USA/ Catholic world.

The issue is too big to write about in one post and I will return to it sooner or later. What I want to write about here is this alarming trend of pro-lifers using the gendercide in India and China as some sort of justification of their warped sexist views. I mean ” Ban women from having women children” should be friends with ” Ban women from being in control of their reproduction”. No? But the ever irrational pro-lifers are claiming otherwise. A recent example:

Abortion has a very different context in India and one of my favourite bloggers GB recently wrote a post on it.

I am fascinated by the Pro-Life/ Pro-Choice issue in US. Mainly because it has been central to the feminist movement in the US. But also because I was a student in the United States ten years ago and I have seen the pro-life demonstrations in all their theatrical glory. With their posters and banners depicting bloody pictures of aborted fetuses, and their religious zeal. But what scared me was the absolute conviction of that crowd. That an unborn’s potential life is more important than the woman’s. For an Indian young student, it was my first encounter with western fanaticism.

Basically Pro-lifers say that a woman can’t have an abortion if she wants it. Even when it’s medically OK to have one. They believe that abortion is killing life. It’s a position which has roots in religious conviction. Some nutcases say women can’t have an abortion even to save their lives. These nutcases rule the country of Ireland. Where last year Savita Halappanvar lost her life, thanks to the doctors who listen to the Pope and not medical reports when it comes to their patients life. Hopefully the awful laws will be reviewed and hope hope hope , would be amended to treat women like human beings and not breeding cows.

So when I first came face to face with pro-life demonstrators on campus, it shocked me initially. I mean I was coming from a country where women who liked sex were vamps in mainstream Bollywood movies and were killed in real life more often than not. Not having sex before marriage was considered as a certificate of good womanhood. Only reason women would have sex, it was claimed, was to have kids. And once they were pregnant, it was their husbands and in-laws who would make the decision about the baby. In India, women were protesting against this silly nonsense and if anyone told me that a woman’s life existed for her baby, unborn or born, I would have parked my foot on their ass without blinking. ( Now I would swiftly direct my knee on their chins. It is more effective than kicking buts, trust me.)

So, when these same views were aired in US in the name of some bizarre life saving mission .. I was like ” Hey,spare me this bullshit. I know what your agenda is. “To control women’s lives by controlling their bodies.” Clean. Simple. Deadly. As old as time.”

And being an Indian woman I claim huuuge knowledge about assholes who tell women what they can or can’t do with their own lives. This pro-life concern for genderside is a classic case of assholes from one country hijacking a national tragedy from another country to support their own sexist views. “See those women in that country on the other side of the map????? Isn’t it horrible that assholes in their own country are controlling their choices? That is why we want you to lose control over your own body and be part of our own version of United States of Assholes.” Wah. Kya Logic Hai boss.

We all know that nutcases abound in United States of America. Remember Rep.Todd Akin who famously said women don’t get pregnant when they are raped? And so all those sluts out there who are pregnant and who want to killll liiiiifffeeee that begins at conception: are basically, well sluts!! My nutcase Science says so!!! Todd Akin got a swift kick on his scrawny ass by Mitt Romney. But Romney’s vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was also against abortion under any circumstances: rape, incest, medical threat to the woman’s life. Several of hardcore pro-lifers are against contraception. Yes folks, they are!! Because pill kills the egg or the sperm or something like it. Evil pill kills the baby egg. And the baby sperm.

I mean it is actually scary, however ridiculous it may appear from the outside, that these people ran for the top political office in United States. One would think they would be just laughed at, or would be kindly taught some basic lessons. ” See young boy, a woman is a human being. Yes, she is. A bona-fide human being. She has an organ called brain. Not just a vagina for sex and Uterus for reproduction. So it is her who would decide if she wants to be a mother or not. Ok??? Now go back and write it on the board five more times: A WOMAN IS A HUMAN BEING.”

But coming back these nutcases joining hands with our own Indian nutcases, morally so to speak. There seems to be some major confusion here. I mean in India, we don’t want girls to be born because we want male heirs to our glorious Vansh…The gendercide in India denies women life because in India WOMAN IS NOT A HUMAN BEING.

Pro Lifers want women to lose control over their own life because WOMAN IS NOT A HUMAN BEING.

Human being is someone who has Human Rights. I find it sad that these two extremist groups are trying to deny women basic human right. That of Humanity.

And on a lighter note, watch my ab fav George Carlin’s legendary performance PRO LIFE IS ANTI WOMAN