Games Men Play…

Anita Sarkeesian is one of my favourite pop culture critics. Her video series Feminist Frequency is worth checking out for anyone who is interested in gender and pop culture.

I really like how she presents her topics.The videos are simple and short, and can appeal to anyone and everyone, irrespective of their academic background.

Check out her latest installment on her controversial project (controversial because dickheads around the world decided that a woman talking about stereotypes in video games meant they could threaten her with rape, murder and online abuse of all sorts).

Anyone interested in gaming and/ or pop culture will surely find this enlightening. I did.

If you remember, recently our own Kavita Krishnan faced online abuse when she was invited by for a chat session. I did a post on it.


Disposable Women

I absolutely love this site . Addictive is the word.

It is also a handy search tool when you are obsessed about something thematic; and want to read/ watch only that theme. I stumbled upon this site years ago when I was obsessed with evil kids in literature and movies. ( I worked in kids’ entertainment, so I needed to do this once in a while to keep perspective.. hehehe)

Anyway, so I wanted to post this particular link forever. It is called a Disposable Woman trope.

Trope is defined simply as a common or overused theme or device.

When a concept becomes so overused that it becomes predictable in it’s structure, it can be called a trope. Tropes are sort of like popular stereotypes rolled into a definable plot device.

So a Gajar Ka Halwa wielding widow mum is a trope. An NRI returning home to find meaning in life and a wife is a trope. Raped sister is a trope.

(Remember the genius scene from Andaz Apna Apna where Aamir Khan lies about his Vidhwa Maa aur Andhi Behen?? Awwwww…. love love love love this movie. Beyond tropes!!) defines this particular trope of disposable woman as :

“A female character, typically the wife, sweetheart or occasionally mother of the protagonist, who is present in the story just so that she can be either kidnapped by the bad guys, thus becoming a Distressed Damsel, or find herself Stuffed into the Fridge, giving the protagonist a pretext for Revenge. In a series, she can be frighteningly easily forgotten or replaced once her value as a plot device has expired, if she has been previously developed at all.”

Interesting na?I am going to call Bollywood the land of disposable women.