Dead women erotica

OK, I am not a Gone Girl groupie and I wrote earlier about how this sensational bestseller has misogynist problems of its own. But when I saw this image from the upcoming movie based on the book, I still groaned.


In art and fashion and cinema, dead or dying or tortured women are fetishised and their agony is sexualized. 1980s’ slasher movies of Hollywood or the titillating rape scenes from Bollywood are crude examples of the same. But you see that even mainstream portrayals of women in varying degrees of pain,agony, death, torture suffer from the fetish trope.

It is not surprising that David Fincher has come out with this hugely problematic image. After all, marketing campaign of his Hollywood crap version of Girl with Dragon Tattoo attracted widespread criticism when he chose to sexualise Lisbeth Salander- a rare character of a woman whose whole essence is against objectification of women. This article sums it up nicely.

I can’t understand why Hollywood rarely makes creepy movies with not-so-normal female characters well. Fuck Fincher and the whole mediocre old boys. I highly recommend Stoker, if you want to watch debauched- erotic-creepy-women-centric thriller.


It is disturbingly beautiful, eerie, deliciously pervy and doesn’t reduce its female characters to fetishised tropes. Hurrah. Not to mention absolute hunky bad boyness of Matthew Goode. This is a great Hollywood debut of Oldboy fame Park Chan Wook. He brings the uniquely Asian storytelling and cinematic style here with aplomb.




Prof. Wade has an interesting analysis. Since there is more gender balance on television than on movies, she argues that women might lean towards television since there is a better presentation of them on TV as compared to movies.

I hate soaps on Indian television with vitriol, but this argument did make me think: what the fuck would an average Indian woman watch in given situation? TV of course. Which is not to say our television represents Indian women well, hell, far from it, but at least you see women on screen.

Mothers’ Day #3: Spooky Mother Kid pairs in movies

Last night I couldn’t resist picking up the movie Babycall starring Noomi Rapace… ( Noomi is well known for playing Lisbeth Salander …Pls watch her in the original Swedish movies – there are 3 of them, yayyy- and not the total crap Girl With The Dragon Tatoo that Hollywood made. She is divine)

Anyway, this movie Baby call is predictable and so so. She is excellent though.

And that made me think of all those mother- kid pairs who feature in Horror/ thriller movies.

A mother and kid pair moves to a strange place. Male figure is usually missing/ gets killed off early in the movie. Kid starts to see strange things. Mother has to protect herself and the kid from that eerie presence. Or the live menace ( usually a violent husband/ lover). Or kid is dead and comes back. Or mother is dead and comes back.

Delicious formula for a touchingly thrilling movie.

So today I want to do a countdown of my favourite Mum-Kid pairs in horror/ thriller movies.

1. Shining

Scary talented kid + screetchy mum + dozens of dramebaaz ghosts & crazy dad= One of the best horror movies ever.

2. Dark Water

Only Japanese kids look that cute and only Japanese movies make a normal city apartment that scary. This movie makes you cry and want- to – shit – in- the- pants with fear at the same time.

3. Half light
I don’t know why this absolute gem of a movie is not popular. A grieving mother sees the spirit of her small son, but is not sure what he wants from her. Touching and gorgeously shot.

4. Panic Room
I am not a big fan of the movie but it is Jodie Foster kicking collective ass, and playing mama bear so who can resist?

5. Psycho

OK, I have huge problems with mama-blaming in this movie, that basically suggests overbearing mothers produce psychotic sons. But hell, it is still the best thriller ever made ( and this trailer narrated by Hitchcock himself is to die for).

6. The Others

Spooky house+ Nervous mum+ Cute kids: this movie still shocks you with its twist despite of dozens of copy cat versions.

7. Ju On

Japanese pair of blue spooky ghost kid with his blue horrific ghost mamma. Avoid the crappy HW remake and stick to the original scarefest.

8. We need To Talk About Kevin

Absolutely stunning movie about a mother who has mixed feelings about her sociopathic son. It is brilliant in its subtlety and I love the fact that the movie doesn’t blame the mother for the horrific act the son commits.

9. It’s Alive
A baby who kills and eats people, like from the time it gets out of the womb!! It is one of those movies that is so bad, so bad, so so so so bad… that it is good beyond words. I think pregnant women should avoid it though!!

10. Exorcist
The original scary kid movie that has been copied so many times that it is amazing you still want to look away when Regan turns her head 180 degrees!!

Ummmm… mothers and kids make a deadly pair for a horror/ thriller fan.

Lack of male figure is at the same time troubling and empowering I think.I want to see a movie in which a mother saves her kids even when her husband/ lover is very much alive.