Royal Births and Royal Deaths part 2

Soooo…. this morning I wrote a post about how stupid it is to obsess about royal birth , death, anything monarchical actually, in this day and age. Here I am with another post within 10 hours, bluuuhhdy hypocritical…but wait and watch the clips which rather prove the points in the earlier post!! Presented with much better humour, it is DAILY SHOW!!!

Queen only knows why on earth did I miss these brilliant snippets on Royal Birth, aptly titled HER MAJESTY’S SECREY CERVIX!!



Royal births and royal deaths…

So baby George is finally born to the utter delight of the entire universe. Now everyone can forget economic downturn and go over the daily minutiae of baby’s growth. How are royal diapers faring? Had he peed today? What is baby George’s favourite cereal? Has he started his polo classes yet? Has a royal tooth made an entry?

A prince!!! Yaaayyyy…

I can’t seriously get this. How on earth is the whole world excited about England’s royal funeral, royal divorce, royal affairs, royal birth, royal labour, royal tummy and what not?

Really, one would think monarchy would be limited to textbooks by now, don’t you? Old farts would say ‘ my puppa said king knows best and that is the truth. Drive out all these brown slaves from England and let the troops march’. People would snigger at them while explaining to the younger generation why gramps is so outdated.

People would smile embarrassingly and say, ‘yes, in my great grandpa’s time, there used to be a person called king, queen and people used to cheer when the prince was born’.

But the obsession with royal family in 2013 is astounding. Apparently England’s economy is geared to go up thanks to the upbeat mood in people??? People are going potty over a baby whose only achievement so far is to be born from a royal womb?? We are talking about a western european country that has produced some of the most profound thinkers in the world? Where institutions like marriage and motherhood are on decline?

The whole nation is on the streets to cheer for a baby and mourns for a dead queen, sounds sort of schizophrenic you know.

It is also interesting how obsessed people are for the bahus of the royal khandaan. Diana, Camilla, Kate..

Ahh,now only if the country could be lucky enough to produce another Beatles… I would gladly be part of the hysteria.