Nigela Lawson incident WTF 3

Pictures released of Nigella Lawson’s husband Charles Saatchi grabbing her throat in a restaurant made waves. Now Saatchi is saying he is getting divorce since she didn’t publicly defend him and clear the air that it was nothing but ‘playful tiff’.

Nobody would know the details of their marriage but them. And yes, sometimes tabloid pictures can be misleading.

But the fact that Nigella didn’t ‘defend’ her husband despite of severe criticism indicates that maybe, just maybe, it was something more than a ‘playful tiff’. Now the news of divorce sort of confirms it.

Nigella groupies like me did naively wonder why would something like this happen to this amazing woman, who has shown strength and courage time and again?

Women do live in abusive relationships even when they don’t have to. Maybe this was the case, maybe it wasn’t. I am waiting to hear what she has to say about this whole drama.


Nigella Lawson incident.WTF???

I love Nigella Lawson…

Whenever I am depressed, I watch one of her episodes and instantly feel better, even great.

And it is not her looks or come-hitherness and food porn only. OK, admittedly it is one epic quality food porn..

But it is her frank, unapologetic lust for food and life, her sense of humour, her obvious pleasure in her job that acts like delicious shots of great espresso for my mood.

She makes me want to go for a run, make love like mad, run around with my dog, eat twenty Paani Puris, turn my face to the moon and be glad I am alive.

I have always wanted to do a post on my hero-worship of a woman best known as ‘domestic goddess’.

Some other time.

Right now, I am shocked by this latest news of her husband assaulting her in a public place..

I prefer not to mix personal lives of my favourite celebrities with my own fantasy triggered by them. Really, who can worship Amitabh Bachchan when you see him going barefoot to sidhdhivinayak temple?? Nope, Inspector Vijay is more than enough for one fan life in me.

I have read about Nigella’s past personal tragedies, but I prefer to stick to her TV persona and not read too much in her personal life.

But this news of her husband physically assaulting her in a public place is too much.

If it is true,then I hope Nigella deals with the man with as much honesty as she does with her food.