Male nudity..

If you have ever been to Bhutan, you will see walls of homes dotted with decorative images of Penis with a squirt of semen.

We are so not used to seeing male nudity or male genitals depicted in public place in any way, that this image evokes either shock or nervous giggles in Indians.

The other day, a friend was telling us how she was looking for a nice artwork of a male nude and was finding it difficult to get one. Female nudes are of course the norm. Since women are objects “to be seen”, and men “see”, it is easier to see female nudity around us: art, advertisement, media, pornography.

Shiva Ling is perhaps the only mainstream example of depiction of male genitals in our culture and is present in all parts of India. But in modern times, it is always the female sexual organs that seem to be displayed to stand in for anything sexual or related to reproduction.

Why is it that male frontal or general nudity embarrasses us so? Why is it rarely associated with romance or artistic depictions of erotica?

I think it is because women are conditioned to not ‘see’ male body with desire And thus very few women would admit lust for a random male body. Also men who control what is seen and shown in the world are not comfortable being seen as sexual object, and so male frontal nudity is considered either vulgar or funny across the world, most often than not.

What do you think?