Mamma’s boys vs. Modi the macho man

pallu ke peeche

Modi’s ’56 inch chati’ is celebrated as a macho saviour for the nation, while Rahul Gandhi is usually presented as a mamma’s boy. (My iPhoto crashed so can’t upload more
pics, but) I have seen this trend of presenting congressi men as somehow infantile and dominated by a woman , Soniya Gandhi. And the subconscious message is that men who are controlled by a woman, are not manly enough to run the nation. Because leadership is a manly virtue and hiding behind a woman is what cowards and sissys do.

There is a not so subtle gender politics going on while pitting Modi- a virile macho man who deals with hardcore issues ( like economics, hindutva, killing people etc.) vs. Rahul/ Congress men- effeminate brigade controlled by a firang woman.

(Narratives of nationalism are manifold and require series of posts in themselves.) What we see in popular media and culture is that calling secularists as effeminate and ‘western’ are usually full proof methods of proving the rooted Indian macho-ness. I absolutely shudder to think of Modi as the national leader ( that requires hundreds of posts) and think it is quite interesting the way he is presented as a macho saviour riding on economic recovery rath.