Sex and the city in Mumbai..

Kareena came to Mumbai to be a writer. She got some money from her mother and thought she would pay her own bills in a few months. She still gets money occasionally from her mother to be able to pay rent for her Kandivali one room kitchen.

Kareena wanted to write about modern relationships from women’s point of view, for print. She writes kitchen soaps and backbiting reality shows, for television. Like everything else in Mumbai, television has swiftly buried a reality sword in Kareena’s creative dreams.

Kareena loves fashion, and regularly shops at fashion street, that is, when the production house pays her.

She sits with a cup of coffee in Lokhandwala CCD for hours with her friends and hopes that her script will be picked up by Anurag Kashyap or Kiran Rao. She sleeps with her fellow strugglers since in this one billion plus city you hardly meet anyone outside your own industry.

Kareena had a fling with a rich, sexy, vegetarian stockbroker. But he objected to her non-veg diet and wanted her to wear salwaar Kameez so that his family would approve. Kareena rejected him and repents till date. He was better looking than all the Delhi chaaps her family forces her to meet.

Kareena will get married very soon and move back to Chandigadh if she doesn’t want to spend her life in one room common toilet in Mira Road.

Maryam is a top notch lawyer from Bandra. Her family is one of the oldest Parsee families in Mumbai and is constantly disappointed that she hasn’t married a nice Parsee boy yet. Maryam often hangs out with her non-Parsee friends and hopes to meet an interesting boy , preferably a non-Parsee. She loves good-looking north Indian hunks as long as they do not open their mouths. Which they do. All the time.

Maryam has a dry sense of humour which turns off the good-looking Punjabis she favours. She hasn’t told them that she is a top lawyer fearing it would end her chance of meeting any cute man ever. She tells them she is a struggling actress. She tries to ignore their sniggering at her obviously non actressy looks.

Maryam will get married very soon- and to a Parsee, since she doesn’t want her future kids to be cut off from their tradition just because their mother married a non-Parsee.

Sharmila is a rich Gujarati from Worli who wanted to get married and have a kid.
She did get married and has 2 kids. She lives with her in-laws in a large house on World Sea Front.

She was a curator at an art gallery, one of the best in the city. But her father in law objects to her working and she gave in after a few fights. She is on board of her father-in-law’s charity with her mother-in-law. Sharmila has to snort coke every time she is with her in-laws. Which is all the time really.

She hangs out with Kareena and friends, and when she can’t – she spends hours on phone, listening to their wild stories about men, sex , midnight drives on bandstand and Bollywood parties. She still doesn’t know that her friends sometimes exaggerate for her benefit.

Salma loves sex and real estate. She has four apartments in Mumbai and her own PR company. She has refused to get married or get involved with anyone. She has also seen all her friends and lovers get married and have 2 kids each. Since she doesn’t have kids, nor a steady partner , she can hardly socialize with people of her age. She is worried that it may have a bad effect on her business.

Very few men she likes want to sleep with her now, since she has crossed forty and it looks bad for them if they are sleeping with a forty-year old single woman, however gorgeous. She is increasingly getting stuck with 50 + paunchy , balding men , something she is trying hard to overlook if she wants to have sex. They  cry after sex and tell her their wife is like a goddess, and they shouldn’t be doing this, but what to do, a man has his needs and being married to goddess doesn’t guarantee fulfillment.

Salma recently tried to buy another apartment in her building, with 100 % down-payment, but was refused by the society members , citing her bad behaviour. They politely suggested that in fact, she moves out from her present apartment since this was a respectable society with families and what would be her influence on kids??