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Yet another idiot who takes victim blaming to another level.

Yet another idiot who has nerve to ask, “Why should Nirbhaya go for a late night movie show at 11 pm? Why should a photo journalist in Mumbai go to an isolated place like Shakti Mills at 6 pm? Girls should always remain alert.”

Yet another sexist jerk who preaches “Girls should be very careful about what they wear and at what time they move out in city. Their body language should not invite attention of the potential rapists lurking around in the streets.”

The said jerk is a doctor. Sigh.
A gynaecologist. Deep breath.
A member of Maharashtra Commission for Women. Epic scream.

Why the fuck would Dr. Mirge be on this commission in the first place? What does she hope to do there? Teach an advance course in ‘dress code and good manners for good girls’?


Anti domestic violence campaign and goddesses: A Raam Teri Ganga Mailee school of thought…

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I am very uncomfortable with this campaign. Just as I am with Raam Teri Ganga Mailee school of thought. Whereby, viewers are appealed to sympathize with a ‘pure’ woman who is abused by men ( and is usually saved by a man). We feel sorry for the woman because she was actually a ‘good girl’ and ‘still such bad things happened to her’!!!

I get this campaign. I get it. ‘How can women face such atrocities in country where women are worshipped as avatars of goddesses?‘, is the pitch of this campaign. It is no doubt very well executed.The familiarity of the traditional goddess poses contrasts impact fully with the bruises. It shocks you and moves you to see these powerful idols battered and downcast.

But you see, the patriarchal logic doesn’t consider every woman as a goddess. Rather goddesses ‘symbolize’ the ideal behaviour expected of a woman. IF you behave in a certain way that is sanctioned by tradition, ONLY THEN you qualify to fit in with the symbolism.

And how do you fit in? Only by subscribing to the patriarchal system. If you don’t, then you are not a goddess, but a slut, an unfit wife, a bad mother, a loose woman, an unfeminine freak, a controlling shrew.

And so, since you are not a ‘devi‘, you deserve to be shown your place. You need to be a Ganga, otherwise nobody gives a damn if you are abused you know!
This is what irks me in this campaign. The ‘goddess vs. whore’ analogy is so so ingrained in our culture that I think this campaign, with undoubtedly good intentions, falls in the patriarchal trap. It places women in the ‘every woman has a goddess inside her that should be respected‘ paradigm. The focus is on the ‘character of the victim’, albeit indirectly. And we are so so so fed up with ‘how should women behave to escape violence’ crap thrown in our face every day. Well intentioned or not!!

Domestic violence as a crime is a very new concept even to the educated urban Indians. Beating up your wife (or other female members of the household) and abusing them has been considered ‘ Miyan-Biwi ke beech ki baat‘. Our society doesn’t exactly condone it, but it is not considered as a matter of ‘law’ as much as a ‘family’ matter.

So, it is a great thing that in recent times, this issue has been raised in a manner that will shock people out of their misconceptions to see what domestic violence really is. It is not ‘miyan -biwi ke beech ki baat‘, but is actual violence where people, mostly women, get hurt and could die.

I would, however, prefer to see this dastardly crime for what it really is. A crime against women that ought to be penalized no matter what the ‘character’ of the victim is. Spare me this ‘shakti‘ and ‘bhakti‘ bullshit, Because we are tired of being goddesses, frankly.

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2 finger test for rape victims abolished

2 fingers: Thumbs up SC, Up yours Sexist government!!

Yesterday I read in the papers that the Supreme Court has held that the  2 finger test for rape victims violates the victim’s privacy and that the government should provide the victims with better medical alternatives.

High fucking time !!!

We know that the test was intrusive and degrading, especially to a woman who has just been raped.

Great job SC , for moving the justice system one more step closer to 21st century.

What I didn’t know was that this so-called test is done to check if the woman’s hymen is injured post rape. The presumption being, if she is ‘violated’ then her hymen would be injured.

Doesn’t it remind you of virginity tests? Like if the bride is a virgin.. the white sheet would stain on her wedding night… that one?? That highly scientific test of checking that the product is not second-hand.

So basically our government was doing their version of virginity or ‘good woman’ testing. This ridiculous test with its antiquated sexist presumption can be used for the classic victim blaming in court. ‘She was used to sex. ‘ Also known as ‘ she deserved to be raped’.

And it assumed rape has to be only with penetration. All other forms of rape are automatically ruled out.

Human Rights Watch published a report in 2010 called ‘Dignity on Trial: India’s Need for Sound Standards   for Conducting and Interpreting Forensic Examination of Rape Survivors’,   clearly stating this test had no forensic value. This article sums it up very well.

So good riddance!!!

bewadiyon aur sajjano…

bewadiyon aur sajjano…

Hohoho and a bottle of rum…. Ladies who drink are barred from enjoying a drink and ruining indian sanskruti.Not to mention fight with innocent auto wallahs. We all know that all the problems in the world are caused by women who don’t behave.


AP Govt. bans women in bars post 10 pm. I want to finish this large peg now and bash some innocent lawmakers on their heads. 


Hick Hick



Was 5 year old responsible for her own rape? An Open Letter from Bharatiya Sanskruti Rakshak

(Please note that this is a CRITICAL SATIRE, borne out of extreme rage and helplessness I felt when I heard about the brutal rape of a 5 yr. old girl in Delhi , reported on April 19th 2013. The girl is out of danger, but her condition is still quite serious. )

Namaste Deviyon Aur Sajjano,

Media is supposed to safeguard our culture, but I see that it’s doing exactly the opposite. By highlighting minor crimes like “5 year olds raped in Delhi” , what does media achieve?? Don’t they understand that it maligns the image of our great country which considers all women goddesses? Now with this case, the country will be again besieged by crazy feminists bent upon destroying Indian Culture.

Before we go marching and lighting candles and changing laws, let me ask you all. The girl who was raped; what do we know of her character? Her morals?

I bet you never thought about it from this angle. Let me enlighten you. From what I have read, and deduced..
.. it looks like she incited her own rape.

How you ask, could a 5-year-old be so smart? I will tell you.

1. I have been told authoritatively that she dressed in evil western clothes, i.e. Frocks. Sometimes her frocks showed her knees when she would ride her tricycle. Isn’t it provocative for a girl to show her knees? You will agree with me that Western culture is responsible for all this decay in our society. Afterall, rapes don’t happen in traditional “Bharat”, only in westernized India. Good Indian girls do not wear “Frocks” and as a result don’t get raped. No matter what the statistics say.

2. The victim used to play with the boys. Now, we all know good girls don’t have anything to do with boys till they get married to one. It shows that she was quite loose in her morals even at such a tender age. She should have stayed in the kitchen and played with vessels, dolls etc. like good Bharatiya girls. By the way, it also raises questions about her upbringing. I would say that her parents are equally responsible for this incident, which will malign their family for years to come. Gone are the days when parents knew, from the time a girl was born, what tremendous responsibility they had to bear, and raised Seeta-Savitris.

3. The victim used to sing Hindi Film songs loudly. The accused has claimed that she would sing the song ‘Fevicol Se’ from the movie Dabaang quite often along with other kids. ” Nain Hum Ladayenge Baby Doll Se” is a line in that song. Why would she sing that song if she didn’t mean anything? The accused just followed what that particular line’s meaning.

4. The accused said that the victim never watched Chota Bheem on kids channels. She only watched evil western programmes like Doraemon, BenTen, Oggy and The Cockroaches etc. Doesn’t it reflect her character ?? Why didn’t she watch the epic saga of Bheem and prefered mindless cartoons from western countries.

All the above clearly show how immoral women , nay , even girls, in our holy country are these days. Age no bar. It’s no wonder that the accused was tempted. Now he will be maligned in media and jailed. His whole life has gone down the drain… thanks to some cranky painted-dented feminists and hyper sensitive media full of loudmouthed women and sissy men.

To avoid such cases in future so that life of a promising young man is not wasted, I recommend the following measures:

1. Immediate change of dress code for girls 6 months older and above. They would be dressed in loose, full length garment and will have their heads covered. Girls below 6 months of age should be dressed in modest clothing as well. Mothers should ensure that the modest clothing is not disturbed when the baby girls move their hands and legs as baby girls generally do these days even in India.

2. Girls over 6 months will be banned interacting with boys unless they have tied Rakhee to the boys’ hands first.

3. Girls will be banned from playing boys’ games. They will only play games that teach them to be good mothers and homemakers in future.

4. As an immediate solution for the girl, I recommend that the accused be requested to marry her and save her from lifetime of shame. We unfortunately will have to wait for a long time for her to reach the legal age. But there are also other ways you know… child marriages are not dead in Bharat, thank god!!! I hear that shows like Balika Vadhu are chart toppers on national television. I am sure the girl will be grateful when the accused marries her and makes a decent girl out of her. Afterall, if our girls don’t bear the flag of this great tradition, who will??

Your Sincerely,
Bharatiya Sanskruti Rakshak

P.S.And the police officer who slapped the women demonstrator yesterday should be rewarded for maintaining law and order. Not suspended. See, you crazy feminists have ruined an honest man’s life yet again. Shame on you man hating Rakshasis.